As a company town from the s until , Sugar Land was virtually self-contained. During these early years, the plantation was the center of social life along the Brazos River. Sugar Land annexed Sugar Creek in , after the latter community was nearly built-out. This development includes Constellation Field , home of the Sugar Land Skeeters, originally an independent baseball team but later a member of affiliated Minor League Baseball.

Prehistory[ edit ] Prior to the founding of Texas, the Atakapa people lived in the area that later became Sugar Land.

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One of the first settlers of the land, Samuel M. Williams, called this area "Oakland Plantation" because of the many different varieties of oak trees on the land. During these early years, the plantation was the center of social life along the Brazos River.

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InBenjamin Terry and William J. Kyle purchased the Oakland Plantation from the Williams family. Terry is known for organizing a division of Texas Rangers during the Civil War and for naming the town.

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Upon the deaths of Terry and Kyle, Colonel E. Cunningham bought Dzieli przyszle strategie handlowe 12,acre 5, ha plantation soon after the Civil War. He had a sugar-refining plant built here, and developed the town around it inplatting the land and attracting settlers during the post-Reconstruction era. Kempnerand in partnership with William T. The Ellis Plantation had originally been part of the Jesse Cartwright league; Will Ellis had operated it after the Civil War by a system of tenant farmingmade up mostly of African-American families who had earlier worked the land.

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Inthe partnership acquired the adjoining 12,acre 5, ha Cunningham Plantation, with its raw-sugar mill and cane-sugar refinery. Around the turn of the 20th century, most of the sugarcane crops were destroyed by a harsh winter.

As part of the Kempner-Eldridge agreement, Eldridge moved to the site to serve as general manager and build the company-owned town of Sugar Land.

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The trains running through Sugar Systemy handlowe ATT. are on the route of the oldest railroad in Texas. They run adjacent to the sugar refinery, west of the town, and through the center of what used to be known as the Imperial State Prison Farm.

It operated with convict lease labor. Between the end of the civil War andmore than 3, prisoners died in Texas as a result of the racist convict leasing program.

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Archaeologists have uncovered unmarked graves of African Americans from this period University of Energy Systems w Houston the region around Sugar Land's prison and sugar factory. As a company town from the s untilSugar Land was virtually self-contained.

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Imperial Sugar Company provided housing for the workers, encouraged construction of schools, built a hospital to treat workers, and provided businesses to meet the workers' needs. Many of the original houses built by the Imperial Sugar Company remain today in The Hill and Mayfield Park areas of Sugar Land, and have been passed down through generations of family members.

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During the s, Imperial Sugar wanted to expand the town by building more houses. It developed a new subdivision, Venetian Estates, which featured waterfront homesites on Oyster Creek and on man-made lakes.

Development of city[ edit ] As the company town expanded, so did the interest of establishing a municipal government.

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Voters chose to make Sugar Land a general-law city inwith T. Harman becoming the first mayor. In the early s, [11] a new subdivision development called Covington Woods was constructed. Later that year, the Imperial Cattle Ranch sold about 1, acres  ha to a developer to create what became Sugar Creek in As a master-planned community, Sugar Creek introduced the concept of country club living to Sugar Land. Custom houses were built to surround two golf coursesand country clubs, swimming pools, and a private home security service were part of the amenities developed.

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The success of Sugar Creek, buoyed by the construction of U. Highway 59, quickly made Sugar Land's vast farmlands attractive to real-estate developers for residential housing. Indevelopment began on First Colonya master-planned community encompassing 10, acres 4, ha.

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The master-planned community offered homebuyers formal landscaping, neighborhoods segmented by price range, extensive green beltsa golf course and country club, lakes and boulevards, neighborhood amenities, and shopping. Around the same time as First Colony, another master-planned community development called Sugar Mill was started in the northern portion of Sugar Land, [12] offering traditional, lakefront, and estate lots.

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The master-planned communities of Greatwood and New Territory, at the time situated west of the city in what was then its extraterritorial jurisdiction, also began to be developed by the end of the s.

In addition to the development of master-planned communities targeted at commuters from Houston, Sugar Land began attracting the attention of major corporations throughout the s. Many chose to base their operations in the city.

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Fluor DanielSchlumbergerUnocaland others began to locate offices and facilities in the city. Voters approved the adoption of a home-rule charter, which established a mayor-council form of government, with all powers of the city vested in a council composed of a mayor and five councilmen, elected from single-member districts.

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A special city election was held Aug. By a majority of the voters, amendments to the charter were approved that provided for a change in the city's form of government from that of "mayor-council" strong mayor to University of Energy Systems w Houston of a " council-manager " form of government, which provides for a professional city manager to be the chief administrative officer of the city.

Approval of this amendment authorized the mayor to be a voting member of council, in addition to performing duties as presiding officer of the council. Sugar Land annexed Sugar Creek inafter the latter community was nearly built-out.

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That same year, the city organized the largest celebration in its history, the Texas Sesquicentennial Celebration, celebrating years of Texan independence from Mexican rule. Suburban expansion[ edit ] Oyster Creek Park An amendment on May 5,changed the composition of the city council, adding a mayor and two council members, each to be elected at-largeto the five-member council.

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The at-large positions require election by a majority of voters, which reduces representation of any minority interests. Highway 59 and State Highway 6.

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Sugar Land added to its tax base with the opening of First Colony Mall in