The result? Stylistic Inversion 1. I will have 2.

Italian I. Polish B. Italian 5.

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This film is about a mad scientist whose experiments get out of control. The Olympiads Trading Atau IQ Wariant crashed into a few passers-by, two of whom were seriously injured.

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I work for an IT company which is sending me to work abroad. He has got a job which involves working irregular hours.

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She stayed in many hotels, some of which offered excellent service. Shortly 9. Noun Phrase Review 1.

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Nothing must be touched 4. The car he bought 8. Very few people Clauses of Comparison 1. The more you read in English, the more easily you learn the vocabulary. The longer I persuaded him, the more stubborn he became.

The longer you put off the decision, the more difficult it will be to make one. In spite of 6. We want to get to Lima tonight no matter how much it costs.

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The boys wanted to carry on climbing whereas the girls preferred to take a rest. Peter left the Opcja binarna w Nigerii a bit early in order to buy his wife a birthday present.

He lied to you about the incident because he was afraid of you. You look as if you could do with a long holiday. Could you park your car behind the house, please so that there is will be more parking space for the other guests? We stopped at the motorway services so that Jane could buy some pills. I sent him a bit more money in case he had trouble finding a job.

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Indirect Questions 6. However 3. Do you happen to know 2. I will have 2. Adverbial Clauses: reason, result, purpose, concession, manner 1. I wonder 3.

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Propozycje odpowiedzi: I wonder if you could help me with my Geography project. Could you tell me if there are any trains to London in the morning? Excuse me, do you happen to know how I can get to the Odeon cinema? I wonder if I could leave class a bit early today. I wonder if I could come for the check-up some other time.

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Could you tell me if there are any particularly interesting places to see there? Question Tags 1. It was a spectacular display, 3. You are getting used to working here, 6. We will need to take on more staff soon, 7. They serve good fish here, 9.

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You were looking for me this morning, We really had a narrow escape, 5. You did? You will? There is?

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She is? It has? They were? He has? Nor Neither do 3.

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So are 5. So was 6. Nor Neither can Nor Neither have 4. Had I known earlier, I could have helped them. Not only can he do many sports well but he is also a clever student as well.

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Little did we know about his private problems. Only after seeing we saw the sales results were we able to understand the situation fully.